Who I am


Hi, my name is Manuel and I was born in 1977. Even if I’m in love with my natural language, italian, I decided to start an english written blog. It is intended for having a goad pushing me to a daily exercise in the main world class language and getting in touch with the most advanced part of the world culture. This in relation to all of my many interests, but especially about my writer activity that became public the first time on August 2011 when I managed to publish my book “Aforismi di un futuro”. Of course, it’s written in italian language. The title means “aphorisms of a future”, and I could say that it’s about a new practical philosophy.

Since my english at this time is not so good, I apologize right now for the mistakes you will find in the blog, and I will be grateful to anyone telling me about them.

Manuel Cappello

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