It’s almost midnight and the cold sting us waiting for Micaela. You are a lot of things, you are fizzy. You are swaying with the hands in the pocket, and there is more style in your poses than in a famous musical of the seventies. You rattle off the news since the last time, giving a different tone to every episode with an amused recitation. Behind your variegated words one can glimpse a thin will directing the merry-go-round of events to lead it in a place of the future. I, hanging in this mild winter euphoria drawn by your behaviour, feel that your skin became tough due to the suffered scratches, and appreciate your mind, lucid in underlining your competencies and your limits at the same time.

Your good mood is sustained by the awareness of happened things. The decisions took in the artists group, the ideas conceived for a video, the read books, the job opportunities. But as hours goes by, happened things drift away from the present sliding into the past. Your mood mechanisms realize this and they go to check the new nearest past that in the meantime has set itself up. They take note about all the news just come from the outside world and about the undertakings you accomplished. If enough structure has not been delivered to the mind, the mood rating agencies will decide for a downgrade. You must be hard-working in silence to meet the delivery terms and gain a good time extension, avoiding the game over.

But putting a brake on the dispersive cues and focusing the attention on the just begun routes it’s not enough. Every work is like a gathering, and before beginning it’s necessary to prepare a container for saving the efforts. Being an issue about expectations and moods, that are pieces of the spirit, the container can’t be other than a noun. You have to give a noun to your jobs before beginning them, so you will know when they will be accomplished, and then you will be able to put them on display along the thought hallways.

It’s not easy to take happiness in our hands without making it die. Usually, when we face the matter we realize that we should have done something before. One has to beat to the draw, giving more awareness to his building activity. Working is not enough, one has to prepare the nouns the thought vanishing flows can be pinned down to. Registered & Protected




The Respectable Sage contests the Creative: “You always try to be original, don’t respect the conventions, and with your conceit you ruin the ground of society.”

The Creative, that luckily is also a little clever,[1] replies:

“First of all, I don’t go looking for the originality with a lantern: I look for myself. It’s you that look at me from the outside, and use this word for naming and criticize me, but I look at me from the inside.

Second: i’m not presumptuous, i’m the slave of the living beauty, and i’m humble in the sight of her.
I have much more respect for this owner of me than you have for your convention. My owner is piercing, he’s not a mask only, behind which every kind of life can stay hidden.

Third: if you did not understood what the living beauty is, I will make it clear: it’s the thought that moves, it’s when a meaning conquers and reorganizes the whole kingdom of the conscious and part of the unconscious.
It’s the new-born idea that becomes an occasion for the thousand names lying in the mind to put themselves in a new configuration, by casting themselves along the rays coming from that idea, or by forming a circle around it.

Fourth: in my pictures the full dress takes a seat near the poor clothes and the tracksuit. The laughing man goes with the the crying, the sad man talks with the joyous one, the absent-minded finds an agreement with the action man. Because my rule is not the equality of behaviours: it’s something other. Instead, you think I have no rules, for I break the uniform appearances.

Fifth: Fortunately, I don’t need different appearances to look for myself. And neither I need to hold a dialogue with your thought, that I already know. And so about this I give in to you, o Respectable Sage, and tomorrow I will dress myself in tone-on-tone, and I will answer with a mannered smile, without making them waiting. Because it’s not the appearances battle the one I want to lead. Registered & Protected

  1. [1]Otherwise, the Respectable Sage could ruin his inspiration.